If you want something, you gotta learn to achieve it. This has been me in the recency of people who don’t always believe you, people who don’t always take you seriously, and material stuff like suddenly finding out the ”Members-Only” policy of an org you thought you could attend. Sometimes you got to prove them wrong but of course with God.

I’ve shared so many tips on how to get people to like you, but I’m adding more to my list  today with this article. Flirting IS NOT childish or class less: there is a more mature version of it.

Read on and good luck!


Pay compliments.                 What do you notice? As soon as you pay one it starts spreading around thus making it a happy day for everyone. It may be awkward for some but most of the time it is not. Guys want to feel as smart and capable as you. Just be sincere the way you talk and don’t be too casual. Like my cousin Gorby who could say ”No thank you” in a sophisticated manner at 10 years old. I admire him being the immature girl I am.


Show off a bit.                       Rehearsals last Saturday were the best! I partnered with him in 2 exercises. I’m not a bragger but–gasp!–I am by nature. Although i have tried to improve. Simple time is to squeeze in some accomplishments and happy things that have happened in the past and let him reciprocate. Mine is ”It looks so good right?” then change subject.



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