I’m a pretty negative person. Yep, you read that right. Of course 2/3 of the day I’m optimistic but when situations arrive I can turn pessimistic about everything. When I am I can win an award for Most Miserable Person during College Week. HAHAHA naww i’m (probably?) kidding.

Today is one of those days for L texted me this morning telling me he failed his psychometrician exam thus not able to go with me today to the long awaited fair. 😦 Boo. I had screenshotted all the places where we would eat, asked him what he wanted to ride first: caterpillar or Viking Ship, and planned to show him my new baby game wherein he won’t say ”Creepy”. The first one is a bit creepy tho tbh (sorry im a terrible virtual mama) Can’t do anything about it of course except trust God for better plans/release it through spoken word tomorrow night.

I’m going to NOT try these things out today and hopefully, no matter what day you’re having, you will to.


Having a crazy schedule.                      Unfortunately you can’t do everything in your schedule. As my grandma said, ”You know you do not always get what you want but you have to wait” Not saying ALL of them shouldn’t be planned, of course you should plan like a mature person tho. But it’s up to God whether they push through or what. Just go along with the flow and let your plans/dreams do their thing. You’ll never know, as I said, God has a better plan that what YOU expect. 😉


Waiting for someone to help.                   You can’t always hide behind Mama/Papa/your pals/cousins. What if you’re on your own and no one is there to guide you? My friend Chessy has always been guided by her parents but then due to traffic circumstances her parents deposited her on her own in a condo nearby our lineup. So now Chessy has no other choice but to be independent. As my dad said, ”She was forced to become an adult immediately”.  Tip is when you get into a new venture (last for me was spoken word) try to find what people should be aware of and make the change for them. Use your creativity you might just find a solution!


Becoming comfy with even the most terrible.               Now this is the scariest habit and MOST DANGEROUS. Some people get used to it as they don’t want to focus on what hurts them and feel happy. I admit I’m like this most of the time, let my thoughts go and proceed to float along my ”happy” day. Go and do what’s best and don’t become comfortable. Face them head on.



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