I have a new goal/challenge for you: At the end of this month (or year, or even week if you’re lucky!) you’ll be a person you can hardly recognize. When I committed to a healthy lifestyle I felt better than ever and I want your well being thus feeling the exact way too. YOU’RE WELCOME sisters. ❤

Having a routine is better than what i expected. I get to plan out what my day will be like after work through discount screenshots in my phone (tomorrow is iHop’s pancakes and of course L’s bday celebration at UP TOWN/Miriam fair.). So far I’ve been winning many stuff from contests which put your creative mind to the test like the bag of goodies from L’OCCITANE. Oh voucher where are youuuuu?


Wake up in the morning, feeling like Princess Diana.               Me time is always perfect especially during mornings. 🙂 That’s the time everyone is still sleeping thus you can pray and do quiet time (well for me, but i recommend it for you too) with God and your Bible. Sometimes you’re not tired only lazy to get up. Surely it will be okay if you had a long night out like i do most of the time but if you slept early indicates that you’re lazy. Make each day count; more exciting thoughts and plans coming up, make it your perspective.


Clean up your personal space.                        Throw out what you don’t need! For me it’s my Barbies, old toys, and even old popstar posters from my teen years. Some awkward hahaha didn’t need to say that tho. It consumes all your energy instead of productive stuff to do you just end up using those old old things. Try replacing your vases with plants that you can easily take care of. Like my little Kansas who you need to be gentle with for her leaves are just baby leaves. :”) Also so bad memories won’t come back. How I’d love to get rid of the car that my bully schoolmate gave my cousin…when he was still nice.


Get out of your comfort zone.                           With those two steps, you’ve advanced from your comfort zone. Good job! Also battle with your insecurities and misfortunes and make use because they ALREADY happened. Scared of the dark? Don’t watch scary stuff anymore. Scared of heights? Ride a roller coaster.


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