Men are very secretive and believe it or not have their weaknesses to. One quote from the newest movie Barcelona: A Love Untold reads, ”Stop acting like you know my pain because you don’t!” Yes it may sound tough but that’s how things are.

There are many guys, counting the spoken word poets here, who speak about their feelings. (Well, they are poets so no choice. HAHA.) But of course not anyone is a spoken word poet or singer thus most of them are kept.


You always are beautiful.                           Sometimes i feel it’s just for the show that they give compliments whilst the truth is you ARE beautiful no matter who you are. ❤ Makeup or no makeup. The best is when he appreciates effort with your MAKEUP though. But well girls that’s just MAKEUP. Wherein they get the most handsome points is when they tell you during your oddest times: just coming home from school in your sweaty uniform or while waking up. One time Ivan told me, ”Chubbiness doesn’t matter, because you’re fluffy.” and i know he really meant it 😉


They get jealous of your friends.                If they show how jealous and upset they are means they trust you with their emotions. My acting class crush developed a temp crush on me that when I called one night asking for Ivan and he answered he told me I’m mean and he’s sad for HE answered and i’m calling for Ivan. HAHAHA cutie pie. :* We proceeded to joke along after that though. When the other one doesn’t answer though, i’m afraid he’s given up on me in reality though he always calls eventually for he misses me.


They won’t let those little things slip out of their minds.                 I know the feeling, ladies. Sometimes when we’re just talking i think that he looks past my features such as my newly whitened teeth or new hairdo. But well good news: he won’t. The ONE moment he didn’t is when he complimented on my teeth which i had just used turmeric on.


They Notice the Small Things


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