Bored? Yep, I know the feeling. About to graduate from college it feels like semi-retirement. LOADS of free time and since next week is College Week with no classes on the past remaining days: YUSSS. ❤ But I have to be selective in my activities since my mom is sort of curtailing them already saying, ”she’s spoiled me too much”. Back in her day…well never mind.

But don’t let your time go to waste! Spend some new activities/browse the net for some. Which hopefully includes this page because here go some suggestions. You’re welcome. (: I have a new plant named Kansas and I water her lovingly day at night. Hope to see some baby saplings growing soon.


Beauty treatments.                        Recently it was my nails and my best friend Sam taught me how  to glam up using HER makeup technique. Here’s what she taught me: lip gloss first, then lipstick. And with blush no leaving stains on the cheeks. Absolute NO-NO. Trying to win some more free treatments from The Spa though. Oh how i love free stuff ❤


Find a pen pal!                                 Since letters aren’t popular internet buddy. Find them in fan groups AS LONG AS YOU OUGHT TO MEET THEM IN PERSON. Not all strangers are safe and I learned that from some creepy guys who tried stuff. UGH. Sorry to be graphic but all I care about your safety. My fellow spoken word poet Juan Miguel Severo is pretty nice tho. Go check him out if you want.


Workout!                                             Swim or walk. I now focus on more of walking since my allergies make me unable to swim. 😦 Unable to walk in an arena? Well try going up and down the stairs which burns enough calories to make you continue.



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