Of course you like it when your crush likes you back! Everyone does. The moment you find out (or he shows it alone) you start planning a future together…in your head. Every time he passes you you feel like a renewed person. ❤

Wondering if he’s thinking of you too? Just to make sure here are some strategies to make sure your beautiful smile stays in his head. :”) *squeals* Yup youre welcome.


Mystery box.                              Which is you. YOU are the mystery box for this challenge. ❤ Speaking Masterchef hahahah. Men like to do the chasing, as you Hello Kitty and him the friendly and loving–not fierce and mad–Snoopy. HAHA. When you don’t show the more impatient they get thus think to themselves ”It’s so long I’ll do this on my own!” Don’t forget to reveal some more hints but PLEASE do it in moderation.


But I wanna see you be BRAVE.                      I just wanna see ya, I just wanna see ya. I wanna see ya be BRAVE. ❤ Sometimes not all men are as smart as what you see in movies from Joseph Gordon Levitt or Adam Levine. Take advantage of when you two are alone and go for him! It worked a few times for 2 guys in theatre for by my weird ways they started playing along with me, even laughing at my weird PMs. Yay for me.


Play hard to get.                                                     This makes him the craziest he will ever be! Like if you see him in the mall pretend he doesn’t exist. Who knows, he may be the one to approach you! I ignored my crush in theater class this summer and he somehow showed more interest in me (asking to see my teeth for brace alignment, telling me he misses me, random hugs, etc. Cutest is when he sneaks into our group huuuug!)


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