Are your parents strict? I gotta say mine are in my opinion, stricter than the norm. I can’t sleep wherever I want, go hiking without a trusted companion (one time she said no even though my uncle was there!), go out to sea without any adult with me. And HELLO, I’m 21 not high school. Even high schoolers don’t get treated like this these days. *sighh*

But when I think of it, it’s only because they love me and want the best for me. After all, who parent would want their child to be eaten up by some realistic but fierce creature or experience drowning in sea? One time that uncle of mine got lost at sea and everyone was fuming mad when he came back–maybe part of the reason why mom didn’t trust him to be with me! Writing this post i feel better. And as my friend Jehanne said when i whined about not being able to go to LJ’s sleepover: ”It’s okay. It’s better than no parents caring for you at all.” High five!

Studies show that kids like that are better to do likely well in school, and if they are super protective it means you are pretty. But if you’re like me that want to prove that you’re an adult and fun start with your studies. Who knows these tips can apply to real life situations too! (Ever since I went to my college my dad and grandma noticed I changed a lot in social graces and learned how to dance!)


Sense of style.                                         During my awkward stage, I abandoned my style for I was comfy the way I was! But then mom suggested a lot of clothes for me and i kept saying ”no” and she told me teens should have some sense of style. and now that I’m almost done from college I dress up and greet each day with an absolutely bigger style. Mix and match–don’t just stick to one style. Personally, it’s the geeky girly type which means sometimes my clothes are girly but sometimes something only someone her mom dresses wears. Haha! Nothing feels as great as getting comments like ”Kat, I like your blouse”, ”Kat, I like your skirt” or ”Kat, you look like Cinderella.”


Have a good time.                                   In life and studies, the first being the most important. Don’t feel sad and stressed if you can’t figure out your stressful assignments (ugh drawing!) and life situations for life is a gift meant to be enjoyed. Take chances, learn to be happy, and make new friends.


Sleep more!~!                                             Usually it’s not hard after a long day at school or working from home. But after a loooooong vacation yusss it can be quite hard keep tossing and turning until midnight. Tried having a decent sleep schedule and it works for your brain focuses more. Tomorrow is my first day at theater visual design and I hope it’s quite easy. (Sir was sick first meeting and second I had mass.)






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