Do you know the amazing feeling wherein you see a boy and you can’t get his features out of your head? Like his beautiful smile and built. ❤ Yes, I’ve seen this guy so many times but it’s the same feeling all over again.

Thankfully all of them are okay with me, or taking their friendship deeper (meaning the friendship crush or the feeling wherein they just wanna be with you etc.). But even in this case it’s not okay to obsess and become weirded out that in all the time you can’t focus on anything anymore. Usually when i become like this my mom takes my phone away.


Read more.                          Usually obsession stems from having too much free time. From experience that’s how my high school crush became a creepy obsession. But when i read more i found out i had no more time for anyone anymore although the kilig feeling never disappeared. *heartsss*


Meet up and attend more.               Friends before boys. And don’t forget to make NEW ones and expand your circle! Meeting new people can help you forget your obsession and focus on mutual interests: games, chocolates, music, etc.


No stalkiiiing.                                      On social media and in person. My friend and i had an episode wherein her mom told us to invite her crush Phil to swim. When we came down (without Phil, for he said he would follow) our older neighbor was laughing and teasing us ”Stalkers.” In a Darth Vader like tone. HAHAHAHA it was funny at 14 but now maybe it was a bit too creepy. Keep in mind ”Out of sight, out of mind” So the more you look at something the more you will think of it.




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