Not EVERYTHING should be told and that’s the truth in this modern world of sneaky people and pesky people who always snoop. I have a friend who texts my mom for NO REASON at all–or minor reasons. Sucks right? My mom thankfully just ignores her and says she’s just prideful. Opinions?

But this time I’m talking about secrets. Sometimes even the worse actions can reveal stuff that you can never such as keeping your phone open. One time i kept my phone open and my friend forced me to see some sensitive photo there that she didn’t see…and texted my mom. But that’s a better story. (:


Lifestyle secrets-                           It’s good if you give up usual worldly pleasures, especially for health reasons. When I started sticking to more healthy choices, even my brain became happier. Happy Body = Happy Brain. But there’s no need to brag about it. Let it be a game and don’t reveal your SS Package when they say, ”You look so thin now! What happened?”


Conflicts in your life-                        No need to tell your friends you’re going through this kind of problem especially if you guys aren’t close. If you really need to vent out a bit, then put a short comment on their related posts such as: ”For me, about EVERYTHING.” But not too long for that will already reveal. The more you complain, the more you will feel the pain. Smile more and stay positive!


Unpleasant things people do-                    Hateful thoughts can soil your mind. Boy, I had an experience this weekend! Argument with parents then remembering all the hate in my heart caused a stressful time before my weekly healing program Glorious Hope. Don’t forget to take off your shoes when you come through the door have you heard? It’s the same: when you enter a safe place, forget all your troubles.




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