Making a routine is a good start to a beautiful day, like what my friend’s psychiatrist said when they talked about everyday…you know, private issues. (Sssh.) For me, it’s all work and no Facebook is allowed thus no blogging also. ZERO MEDIA. That’s because you will lose focus and nothing will be accomplished in the day and if you continue to be like that, in months years etc…

Personally, I need more breaks than work. Sorry Mama and friends that’s my personality despite how many times you complain, ”Your breaks are longer than your work.” One saying reads, ”Work while you work and play while you play that is the way to be happy and gay”. 🙂 How to do that in the modern practical world? Read on.


Time frames per task.                         My mind is like a butterfly; it flits from one thought to another. I never know where it will go next. Thankfully I end up making the right amounts of blog posts alongside work but then it gets hard sometimes. If you feel you need more focus (men are worse than women in multi tasking!) then make a routine. Kudos to Sam.


Breaktiiime.                                         Have a Kit Kat. Well, not necessarily hahaha. Maybe a 10-15 minute water or food break would be perfect. Usually it’s all under 10 minutes and am ready to stop the laziness. Beautiful ways are breathing exercises or getting some delicious food; my favorite being CHOCOLATE CUPCAKESSS. None today so banoffee.


Enjoy and don’t be too uptight.              Trust God that everything will fall into place at the right time! Yes, the Holy One is always good. Good luck in everything sisters.





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