Isn’t it great to have a lifetime partner? Not only for the reason that your parents will grow old and die but for the reason you’ll have someone to share your dreams and life with. Whenever my serious cousin lectures me on taking everything not as a game, he mentions this every aspect. Never forgets to. Life, sisters, can be a game but focus on what’s important and use common sense to know what is right for each.

For years I’ve been wondering how to start and thankfully I’ve made my own marvelous adaptations: exposing my weirdness, telling him how I feel NOT directly. (e.g. making him listen to Sabbath Prayer from Fiddler on the Roof for us to pray every night. Oh, how I miss those days!) More ways that I feel I want to adopt. Guys know that I am not the SUPERBABY ROMANTIC kind of girl and I’m different from all.


Share any water surface.                  As long as it’s not too scandalous–jacuzzis or sauna would be okay. Just wear the right clothes as not to tempt them. Best to do it when your relationship’s level sinks to the level before the abyss. The sea of love though. ❤ For a touch of sweetness, help the natural ”massager” massage his feet or hands.


Snuggle.                                                Honest, sisters: you’re dying to snuggle with your bae AT THIS VERY MOMENT. I am too so you’re not alone and this is not a bad thing. You don’t have to sleep on a bed together; Ms. Conservative here, but on the couch is perfect for in case you fall asleep and he sneaks his arm around you. Clue: it means he loves you much as ever.


Tolerate their bad days.                     He tolerates your PMS moods, so why not tolerate his moods too? Mine are the worst but thankfully my friends still forgive me for my meltdowns and anxiety attacks. (Actually, I have some serious anxiety issues.) After all everyone has feelings. I love you for that, V and Ivan! 🙂 Believe it or not, their bad day starts after yours. Yeah, they handle all your stress and crankiness for 3 days. Isn’t that enough? Put yourself in their place.




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