Mosquitoes. UGH. I hate those tiny blood sucking creatures–a tiny bite feels like eternity as it affects you for at least one hour. Do you get the feeling? I’m sure you do.

And now I know why: dengue season! Especially it’s been raining (today’s forecast is scattered thunderstorms!) these creatures alongside slimy scary frogs are likely to come out causing havoc for our bodies and our properties. Not cool. Speaking of frogs, can someone research the phobia of frogs and tell me what it’s called? Thanks. 😀 Comments open here.

Usually their tambay places are stagnant water found in flower vases, rain barrels, and tires. Also maybe when it’s hot from my experience. Here are some tips to make sure they get to you on ZERO of your premises.


Clean containers twice a week.           Perfect project when I get home tonight! Personally I’ve never made it a habit of changing the water in the vases for they don’t even matter much as pets, more of decors. (Sorry, sisters. Judge me for being mean.) Scrub the sides of the vases to make sure they don’t contain mosquito eggs.


Install screens.                            Glass doors for us. But please if you live in a more Filipino house wherein glass doors aren’t so popular don’t forget to close your windows after you close the under area so those nasty little terrors don’t come in to disrupt your sleep.


Use insect repellant.                   21 and my mom constantly has to call me to put if we’re in any garden themed place like my grandma’s or Punta Fuego Club House where my cousin recently had her wedding. ❤ Congrats Anne! And, (quoting my mom here), ”Face, legs, back, even the stomach so mosquitoes will not bite you.”









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