Men are really picky creatures; can be really hard to please them. Sometimes I’m beginning to think, ”Why don’t I have a real boyfriend yet?” Then I realize I’m super different from everyone thus can’t please men. EVER. Well, I’ll find my Superman one day..

Growing up, my mom and grandma taught me how to act towards boys: eat properly, comb your hair, move gracefully. Last night’s dinner my grandma couldn’t help but notice this beautiful blonde who constantly stuffed her mouth when she ate. I couldn’t help but think, ”That’s me sometimes!” One thing I’m still working on. Lord, I can only do it with Your power. ❤


Trying hard. Another turn-off is when you obviously just seek their attention and don’t act naturally. Steer clear of that and other turn offs, ladies.


Sticky eyelashes.                Eyelid massage, girls. Just tried it awhile ago and it feels more amazing than ever. Short and sticky eyelashes turn men off and make you look like a raccoon who just ugly cried over..I wonder what’s in the animal world. HAHA. After applying mascara make sure you use a brush to scrape off excess and make them look natural, not something signed by Custard. LOLJK


Not caring for body.               Sorry girls, but no matter how much you hide in your makeup your personal appearance will still be quite obvious. Back in Grade 4, my test consisted of a story of a little girl named Clara whose smell couldn’t even be hidden by baby cologne. Want to turn men on instead? Spray perfume on your neck and that will be his favorite spot to smell when he hugs.


Dark lips.                                   Thank God my new chocolate lipstick didn’t cause my skin tones to blend in a bad way during last night’s dinner. When out on occasions like this use lipstick that is closer to the color of your lips. Mine are a little bright colored so I guess chocolate lipstick goes only during the day. 🙂 Goodbye until tomorrow, Choleng. Plus with darker makeup it ages your appearance.



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