You know that, of all people, your SO is the hottest guy alive. Nothing (not even compliments from haters) can take this away from your opinion. That is, if you’re a very nice lady.

But sadly, sometimes even WE sound like haters ourselves though we don’t mean it. Usually it’s by saying or doing tiny petty things that make them feel bad and build their trust issues. Mine has a lot just like me, about the same things. Steer clear of those if you don’t want something to happen.


Look at (not necessarily porn!) hot pics of other guys.             I can see in my head my mom’s disapproving look when I excitedly broadcast I want more pics of Taylor Lautner or whoever celebrity is topless at the moment. Studies show that whenever you indulge needlessly you start looking at your partner less and less, thus comparing them to magazine pictures. For me though, I’m not hot as well so yeah glad to have found equal level.


Peek at the phone when he’s speaking to you.                             Make eye contact: 2016’s number one rule for conversation. If you keep looking down he’ll start to wonder if he doesn’t look good today that’s why you don’t want to look. Confidence lies in each of us, but you also need to do your part to help him.


Not complimenting his efforts.                                     Sure it’s easy to love him when he’s happy and on the go, but what if he’s sick or has a bad hair day causing him to look haggard and like crap? If you don’t say anything he might likely think of it as disapproval thus straining your relationship. Trust me, I feel the same way even with friends at times.




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