We’ve heard so many tips already like don’t drink too much coffee, no gadgets, etc. The reason why I’m posting about sleep is because I’ve been extremely tired from rehearsals and internship; need a ton of it. Sad thing is I still have work tomorrow and I can’t catch zzz’s tonight with V and our friends. (Mom also doesn’t allow sleepovers. I’m 21 HELLO)

This article discusses the causes of sleep disruption and what you can do to avoid it. Did you know I don’t mind getting at least 2 hours of sleep? And I’m an adult so fun fact. loljk hahaha u cant catch me.


No garlic or oranges.                Lucky for me I don’t eat these kinds. Only sometimes do I drink a tall glass of oat milk to increase fiber consumption in me. Have you ever experienced heartburn? You know that feeling wherein your chest feels hot and heavy, making it unable to walk. Can you imagine sleeping in that? Of course not! I can imagine NOT sleeping. So avoid garlic and oranges due to their chemicals.


Wrong detergent.                         I’ve woken up with terrible itches and it was the worst feeling ever. Possibly it was bed bugs, as my dad says, or probably the laundry detergent. When shopping always choose ”fabric softener” which leads to less pests and allergy.


Warming your bedroom.             Due to my tiredness I get lazy to turn on the aircon especially when it’s already super cold you can immediately hit the pillow after your shower. Goodnight guys and V. *sigh* I wish. If you’re going to turn the aircon on don’t turn it up too or else your grandma will scold you. Lol. Mine does. Perfect temp going backk is 80 degrees!





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