You may have heard statemtns like ”No matter how much I workout I don’t slim down” or ”Even if you ate this much, you wouldn’t grow this big”. Latter is about my HUGE friends. Well guess what–it’s not always thyroid disorders that make you grow big; it’s over eating. And this article definitely is a must-read for me since hyperthyroidism grows in our family. (My cousin has hypo.)

Most of us loveee to eat but unfortunately we over exceed. I’m not sure if it’s good that I workout tons but eat more than I burn. Many people also say that it’s more of the diet, not exercise. From experience though, it’s been working. Still not sure it’s healthy enough.

Counting calories is a good start. But no thank you. I mean, who would want to sit down late at night doing math problems? Only Mr. Villacorta would but he’s a real geek so I understand.


Use smaller cutlery.              According to recent research, people tend to eat more when they have bigger plates and cutlery. Our plates are quite huge so yes this is a struggle for me. 😐 Advice would be to fill 2/3 of the plate and stick with that diet.


Avoid sugar drinks.                No matter how you consider it healthy, calories from fruit juices and diet soda cause weight gain. If you’re using it for diet purposes than stick to the ”detox” such as lemon, cucumber. (I owe them for my life.) And with your coffee?? Stick with black and no sugar. May sound bitter but trust me you will feel better. BETTER>BITTER.


Use a plate for packaged food.             That means drive-thru and foods from what us Filipinos call turo-turo. Sure the boxes are smaller but remember the 2/3 measure? Here you can help determine what to remove and what not.



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