I think of skin care all the time, never forgetting to put aloe vera, sunblock, etc. Hello summer! Yesterday I was running late to internship though so there was no time for all that shizz thus I ended up looking less refreshed. Just thank God that I was able to apply some lip gloss before going down to rehearsals where V is. ❤ Proactivity is important and everyone should apply. In my world there’s no such thing as TOO MUCH.

It’s never too late to prepare for the day you may get pimples, blemishes, wherever. If the Lord is good enough, He may not ever let you. I developed my pimples late and blemishes…well never mind. Your regimen may not be super expensive: one or two products are enough. (Mine are aloe vera and facial sunblock, as stated in the previous post.)


Wear sunscreen!                  Sun protection is one of the most important things. As I stated in the previous post, the damage done can be permanent and UV rays scar for life. Especially during summer where you’re likely to tan during the days where even in the airconditioned cafe you can feel the heat. Not to mention we have big windows. Don’t forget your Daylong (or whatever brand you’re up to!) and every morning and night despite there’s no sun.


Wash your face.                      2 times before you go to bed and when you wake up. I don’t mean with soap all the time though for it can strip you from natural oils: one splash is enough most of the time for the morning it can make you feel wide awake! Damn, I’ve been forgetting the cold rinse.


Aside from the face, bedstuff!              I never wash mine and yeah, I’m guilty I know. Maybe now that I’m splattered with extra time since no more internship I’ll try at least once a week. The disgusting reason why to wash is that our skin cells rub onto our bed sheets, causing more bacteria. So the bacteria you picked up outside, in other words, stays with you the whole night and forever. EW



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