Last night was the best sleep of my life. Because of the talks with my crush I felt like I was the happiest girl on the planet. ❤ Probably that’s why I felt sooo groggy when I woke, not to mention the cold weather.

But sometimes even if I’m not cold, I still feel extremely sleepy. Weather usually is in the middle. One thing though: when it’s really sunny there’s no problem with me getting up! What do you think causes this? Do you feel this way too? Read on some possible reasons and see if you can identify.


Bad pillow.                 At night it may feel like Paradise but in the morning can cause. You know the saying, ”The thing you love can give you the most pain?” YES. Sleeping with your head propped increases the risk of spinal problems and memory issues. Perfect one is the ortho approved.


Tooth grinding.         Yep, am guilty of this. This habit causes morning headaches thus making you feel grumpier and more tired. It’s a natural fetish for me so I’ll consider getting a mouth guard/gum soother.


Overuse of gadgets.          According to a recent Harvard study people like me find it harder to wake up. Explains why I cuddle in bed for a few more minutes; Mom tells me, ”Instead of using Facebook, go to sleep immediately.” I had no choice but to do this the past nights and guess what? I wake up feeling more refreshed. The blue light conflicts your brain signals, thus causing confusion.


Why You Feel Like Crap When You Wake Up


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