What are pores? Those tiny little holes that you (if your eyes dilate quick) can see on your skin, mostly arms. Their function is to provide moisture as for your skin not to be dry and itchy. Imagine scratching the whole day? Ugh!

Another problem? They tend to enlarge when irritated or clogged. Most of the times it’s because of not washing face/sleeping late but people with oily skin are more likely. Sometimes I fit that category. According to the last consultation I had, my skin is oily to dry thus my derma recommended midnight oil from Kiehl’s for me. Thankfully it’s worked and I feel less oily now. ❤

Beauty products don’t always work unfortunately. Here are some natural remedies to beat the oiliness!


Egg white mask.               Massaging egg whites on your face is fun and I bet it feels sweet! Just make sure to rinse after. Now, the main reason is it minimizes sweat and is known to close pores.


YOGUUURT MASSACRE!              Because of the lactic acid, it works as a good exfoliating product. Mild only, so not all the time okay? 🙂 And good news it’s the most gentle remedy unlike egg whites that can be a bit strong for me at least I’m allergic.


Apple cider vinegar.                       Simply rub it on your face. I’ve been doing it for a whole month already and it feels soo much better; my skin is much smoother and shinier. You can either use a cotton ball or hands.




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