When I wake up, I don’t look my best. Even when it’s time for bed I look weird and suckish. Last night I was looking at my body  and hair and thought, ”This is the worst time of the day” But I was gonna sleep so what? If you feel like me, then start with your hair: proper conditioning and adding a few products like sunblock to soothe dry locks work wonders.

Here are more tips! Read on and in just awhile, who knows, night can be the BEST TIME of the day: you’re comfy and look hot. How cool is that?


Brush brush brush 3 times a day!                        Not the toothpaste commercial, but HAIR VERSION. haha. Now no one will have to nag me that my hair is messy: my friends, parents, grandma. Brushing before bed increases natural oils and makes it shinier making you feel more confident when you go to the salon. Plus is it makes a perfect pillow depending on the texture. (Mine is pretty soft so yeah.)


”Uncrush” your curls.                                            Wavy haired ladies like me know how it feels when you wake up in the morningg. Either you drank a pill and you woke up Medusa/Ursula. hahahaha. How do you uncrush? Tie a thick scarf around your head and use it as a pillow when you sleep. Of course it’s uncomfortable at first but then you get used to it and it’s worth it ❤


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your haaair.            #TBT to when I played Rapunzel and everyone found my hair suuuper cute. If your hair is as long as Rapunzel’s (and I guarantee not lol) tying it in a loose bun makes it frizz free wherein the friction between the pillow and your sheets causes your Medusa like hair. You know what’s better than a thick scarf like in the previous post? SILK ❤ So much love for silk

nighttime tips for your hair





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