Meghan Trainor’s new song Me Too shows a girl getting out of bed and stretching fashionably and shakin her booty in the mirror! How I wish I could wake up as easy as that. Don’t get me wrong–depending on the day, I wake up easier than I used to before. If you’re not like me though, you’re lucky for this article will show you how. And disclaimer: DEPENDING ON THE DAY.

Starters, you can create your environment to relieve crankiness and morning blues. Drink a glass of water (lemon/cucumber is more energizing!) or use a scented shower gel when you get into the shower. Plan ahead. As what my pastor said: If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Failing in the morning is the worst.


Set aside all your worries.             I’ve been going through some things so for 3 nights already I didn’t think of doing that. Sorry, self. Sisters I hope you don’t end up like me and go to sleep happy. As a self-willed 21 year old I was struggling with authority and the fact that everyone in my acting class is allowed to go to sleepovers/Divisoria and I’m the only one who is not, but talking to my mom helped especially she insisted I go to sleep and stop nagging. (Thanks, Mom, for being mad when I least need it. Haha)


Prepare a playlist.                          Usually I’m in the car when I listen, songs from our upcoming musical Fiddler on the Roof these days and probably for the whole month. haha. I get hooked on the latest musicals excuse me. Songs like ”Tradition” and ”To Life” will get you dancin’ on your feet in no time!


Avoid certain chicheria.                      Before bed, try to avoid certain foods. Chocolates and coffee usually cause you to wake up due to the caffeine rush. Whenever I overdose before bed it takes me 3 hours to sleep at least. Sorry sisters but even dark chocolate does.



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