Do you know Sia’s song Alive? ”I’m aliiiiiiveeee…I’m still breathing”. Definitely when we’re the ages we usually are (16-20) we feel happy and ready to explore the whole new world. But unfortunately, just when you may be having the happiest time of your life, something immediately blocks your train to another stage, causing problems and confusions. Plan A or B? Or will you sit down defeated? Oh, I hope you don’t and come to your senses.

Health in your 20’s isn’t about being super strict and hiding from the world, rather it’s about treating your skin, hair, face throughout well because, as what 1D says, ”Live while you’re young.” I feel LSS coming along here AGAIN circa 2013. Oh well. haha.

You’ve got this just put your heart into it. Soon enough if you follow these techniques you’ll be as happy as Meghan Trainor in Me Too. I’m lovin this vid!!!!


Physical activity balance.            We all know that the key to fitness is firstly WORKOUTS. But unfortunately we don’t always have time to, personally it’s because I need to sleep when I get home but I throw in a few workouts at work–take that! Doing more of it will cause you to be healthier in the future and make you feel excellent no matter what age you are–up to a million maybe? #goals My favorites are swimming and basic stretches/squats.


Form strong friendships.           Being loved is important for crucial health. If you remain friendless, your health will be affected to. When I was going through my awkward stage it made me physically tired/haggard wondering if my friends had left me or what. Sadly a survey says that 20% friends may not even like you and I can sense it’s true. How to know if they really like you? They push you even if it’s not easy.


Use sun protection.                        No matter where, it’s essential to protect your skin. My Daylong is used every morning and night for I don’t wanna risk sun burn. HAHA my mom keeps insisting there’s no sun but I just explain ”it’s for health reasons” and move on. Infections from UV Rays are permanent and stay forever so as early as now it’s time to start being concerned.



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