Your best friend has probably seen you during your worst times, like during the times you woke up from bed. I have seen her that way before but she has never seen me and she dare not to. haha! And when you’re comfy with someone then you feel you can do the weirdest things like burp, fart, etc. In front of your boyfie I say noo, but in front of your best friend…well, let’s see. The ones at summer workshop don’t approve and tell me that it’s gross so not everyone shares it. Be careful ladies.

The test is you can do the grossest things together, you two are sisters. I put my feet up in the car in front of her so it’s only the beginning. Luckily I have my mom to open up to so I can open up to someone. Okay, let’s start the sister test. *riiiing*


Double dipping/sharing glass.          Eh, so what? They’re your family and won’t lie whether you’re sick or what. Maybe that’s why my aunt was offended when I refused to share glass but then she didn’t tell me she’s sick so…ugh. Trust me that girl is as crazy as me at 37 and I hope I will be that way too. #goals


Tummy emergency.                              Before the UP fair, I felt something coming so I texted: ”Tummy emergency. Sorry that happens when you’re in love.” And that was the time I had started falling for L. #goodtimes Thankfully I did it at home and not in her place but I don’t think that would seem a problem. As I said, they’re family.


Graphic period woes.                                Have you seen her period blood? Of course you haven’t! I wouldn’t show mine to hers. Unfortunately I’ve had accidents wherein tagos happened where even the boys saw. 😦 Try to have those ”period talks” in the best place: Female Restroom.



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