Love. It’s what makes the world go round and round. An old Polish Proverb says that the greatest love is a dog’s then a sweetheart. We love our pets more than ever (mine is a cat) and want to spend the rest of your lives with them. #goals

But unfortunately (I’m hoping Casey will still stay alive then!) they don’t always last long so do our parents so we need someone to keep us company so we won’t die alone. One way to make your relationship last is reading Scripture and spending your time with God knowing only He is in control of everything including your relationship. 🙂 DVDs by inspirational speakers or if you want to save up, find them on YouTube too!


Understanding.                     As you draw closer to each other, you’ll see you are trying to understand them rather than criticize. Love is all about this: main element. Use your ears, not your mouth–like a preschooler advice. I know it’s hard when you desperately want to change their behavior as it is affecting everything around you, but instead you can ask, ”Do you need a solution or you just want me to listen?”


Loyalty.                                 Whenever they ask if you love them they are asking for reassurance not that they completely forgot: remember that sisters. Some ways are speaking highly to them in front of others and help make important decisions.


Self Esteem/People.                The first thing they want to know is that they are always on your mind. Yeah boi I got u on my mind. *music plays* Love should be naturally shown whenever sensed by God and without waiting for them to show it first. Simple stuff like opening the door or giving encouragement.


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