What is the Golden Rule? Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

Practicing this Biblical Principle makes us happier when we interact with people..and them too in return. Treating others the way you want to be treated has benefits trust me. 😉 It leads to a world full of giving, selfless, and kind people. Try to practice it, whether in work, coffee shops (which is my work!), or the mall. Tell me how it goes sister.

Second principle: You will reap what you sow. What do you get when you sow kindness? Of course kindness! When you sow hate? Of course hate! Love? Love! Joy? Joy! Forgiveness? Forgiveness! Gentleness? _____. Enjoying much? haha

I know it’s not always fair no matter how sweet you are, especially when people get on your nerves. But it’s worth it for no matter how late your rewards will be shown and God will accept your character more. Here are some examples of HOW and WHEN to practice it.


Ask ”How will I want to be treated?”                 Imagine how the person would want to, but don’t always put yourself in their shoes for everyone is different. You are more special than some people but only sometimes. Ask yourself like what John Kennedy did to separate racism when he was President.


Keep cool in traffic.                                                   In modern society, traffic is the biggest trigger for all of our minds especially if we REALLY are looking forward to that time. 😦 Ugh. I’ve lost my temper twice. If we’re mean when angry (like most people are!), we cut off and curse. Haven’t tried driving lessons but my dad’s afraid to let me for I may lose control when experiencing this kind of shiz.


Stop criticism.                                                            Whether it’s a stranger or people we know we all feel tempted to criticize. I usually use less language when mad for all I focus on is my anxiety so I just storm out. Learn to express needs positively because you’ve heard many times that ”words cause damage no one can undo”

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