Sometimes I wonder why people stay so happy despite their problems, like those people who won on X-Factor or something. Meaning, e.g. after your dad left you or you got kicked out of school you still stay strong and make the most of my life? How I love you! I’ve had my share of problems and it did suck honestly but when I looked at them I immediately snapped out of my self pity and think of how lucky I am. ❤

Now we’re going to find out how these people manage to smile, but #1 tip is to pray for God knows all your fears, hurts, etc.


Unwind with some fun.                  No matter how bad things get, entertainment is always around so let it cheer you up. If you’re trying to save money like me, some suggestions are board game night for adults/visit an expensive resto and splurge on Coke or the most expensive dessert your money will allow.


Switch to survival mode.               Face reality: it happened there’s nothing we can do about it I’m sorry. Find something good out of the situation and figure out what to do for yourself.


Curl up in a blankie with a good read.           Magazines are really cool for they vary between different topics. I love the switch! If you’re more into books then I suggest practical ones like housekeeping and mag-like stuff like American Girl. (Sad to say I’ll be moving on soon.)


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