Sorry guys, still about showering. But I think it’s perfect for this summer season is SOOO hot all we can’t wait to do is take a cold shower back home! This time though, we’re going to talk about the mistakes when washing one part of the body. Can you guess? Ew…okay fine, it’s the hair.

One mistake is overusing shampoo for it dries out the scalp, thus causing dandruff and other shizz on your head. Worst part to get is summer. Here are some tips that will help you stay happy and have a Great Hair Day this summer (c/o of Palmolive)


Do not shampoo each wash.              Simple enough. Skipping is enough so that your hair will not die due to the overuse of chemicals, as I explained awhile ago. Just drink lots of water so your scalp won’t stink because of the sweat.


No hot and steamy showers.              Please don’t tell me we’re going round and round. lol. Or else we’re never gonna stop hahaha. The heat as I said can damage hair and bald you. Nuff said.


Do not rub your hair with a towel.       Aside from the body, the hair too for it’s brittle and can break more. Little game here: imagine sandpaper on your hair. Hurts right–both your ears and maybe scalp? It’s the same with a towel.


Image result for hair washing mistakes


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