Here’s the continuation of shower habits that are bad and good. Yes, not only the ones I mentioned are worst but there are so many more. I know it’s relaxing to enjoy a hot steamy rinse but please ladies do it carefully. Dermatologist Patricia Farris says that as you get older your oil glands poop out on you so you’re much more prone to dry skin. Adjust accordingly and see what works best.

See if you’re showering right by checking out the list! And even if you’re not no worries there’s still time to fix it, 🙂


Drying too roughly.            Equals sandpaper. Who can imagine sandpaper on skin especially after a nice shower? UGH. worse than a loofah for me! Duh. Anyway. haha. Rubbing with a towel kills delicate skin while the air that is emitted from the fabric leads to chaffing. But of course don’t drip! Using a fluffy towel is enough.


Not showering after workout.        To admit, I don’t always do this unless I workout before bed. And workout is swimming so I get to shower in public. We don’t sweat but the main reason for this is perspiration lets bacteria grow on your skin thus can lead to rashes and breakouts like what I’m getting because of this season.


Missing that RUUUUSH.                 Meaning rush of cold water. Surprisingly it’s more than you expected aside from that feelinggggg. haha. 30 seconds of freezing cold works to relieve stress and fat burning.




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