Showering is probably the most task-filled but also most fun experience: your body gets wet and afterwards you feel like nothing ever happened. Except a new smell and sound. haha. But unfortunately, when you’re having too much fun, it may lead to erratic behavior and that counts for bathing too.

It may seem annoying as you just want to get to school or work immediately, but for me personally it’s fun because of all the shower gels and stuff. Trust me, you’ll learn to love it when you smell better and sweat less. Forgot my uniform due to a bad day and I’m now forced to stay in the stock room the whole day. GRRR. If you don’t want to have the same experience as me, sweaty and grumpy, here are some tips to follow.


Don’t use a loofa.                  No matter if you follow the washing instructions, loofahs are pretty EW. I hate using them because of the scratchy feeling on my skin whereas I don’t even use a razor. But you know what’s even worse? They trap bacteria and dirt which are very hard to clean off. Use hands and persevere ladies!


Change shampoo.           I never use the same shampoo, probably because it’s my natural routine to try different things. 🙂 My top 3 brands are Head and Shoulders, Pantene, and Johnson’s (yup, that baby kind. Heehee.) And I always stick with them. Trust me it work!


Use moderate to warm water.            My uncle got bald and the reason is he makes his showers too hot, as what my mom tells me. Hot water does more than bald, sisters: it dries out the skin and wastes water. If it’s really cold then fine, but as much as possible use moderate to warm water for it’s enough.



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