When we go to the salon, of course after our hair cut we feel better and more beautiful. (At least awhile, for me.) And instinct, when we’re guilty, makes us do things that may seem a bit out of control. Always make sure to be aware of your surroundings and still make sure you’re on solid ground or else..AAAH.

Anyway, I’m sure you have done at least one or two of these pleasures. lol. Can you follow me here sisters?


Reflecting on life.                      Especially starting over after a new look. loljk. A hair spa is the perfect time to think about how you have been doing with work, school, etc. It makes your hair and skin refreshed, leaving you with a new glow. Don’t worry you’ll forget about it soon; it’ll be all worth it.


Browsing mags for latest updates.                  YES, this is so me. Wherever salon I have the first thing I ask is, ”What latest magazines do you have?” and get quite disappointed when there are none. Sometimes I even get inspired by the celeb hairstyles and ask if they can do it like this, this, etc. Sadly my hair can never be dyed though because it’s too black. BOO.


Messing up your facial.                                       Every girl wants to have skin as beautiful as Behati and her fellow Victoria’s Secret Models. A professional facial will (partly) help achieve this goal. Look for promos around you which are popular around summer.


8.inside images secret salon secrets


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