As you get older, your skin becomes more fragile and prone to diseases. For me, it’s getting drier based on my recent consultation. Helllp. The fat diminishes in the deeper layers thus making it look looser and sag. To solve this though you need to work out more, according to my friend who is a beauty consultant too. (If you want to search her, go search Melluna Akmad. She’ll give you great beauty tips.) Like the previous post, this doesn’t require any professional beauty tips rather all natural.


Healthy foods.                           Aside from giving you energy, healthy diet is important for your skin as well. Sugar adds antioxidants so try to eat the more natural kind and of course drink lots of water to regenerate your youthfulness. Fun suggestion is to add lemon and cucumber for such flavor!


Apply sunscreen.                    Now that it’s beach season it’s cool to have as much fun in the sun as you want, but make sure you apply sunblock to your face/body as for you not to tan. Doctors suggest 30 minutes before so it’ll really soak into your skin.


Facial massage.                          One of the best natural methods are face massages (and hand, if allowed. Or foot.). Using aloe vera will tighten and moisturize your skin in the most natural way. Castor oil can be used for hands and feet. But I have no idea if it cures colds/increases fertility?





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