Yesterday I just felt so tired and today my shoulder still hurts. Shoulder pain may be I was just introduced to new workouts and am getting into them, but tired was more of food coma. Sucks so bad for you feel sick for no reason and sluggish. But guys, if you don’t know why you feel this way, don’t be afraid to talk to someone okay? The feelings I didn’t have sorted out I just talked to my friends and they gave me various answers such as ”Ignore it” and ”Talk to God.” Latter I love for I’m a Christian. ❤

But physically it’s hard to ignore. Luckily sisters we came up with some solutions, not the cold water on your face/coffee ones rather real scientific ones that have proven to exceed your limits.


Diet.                         Aside from slimming you down or making you feel lighter, it dictates your energy levels. Some foods give you great shape but then they decrease your energy levels making you feel tired and grumpy. No wonder sometimes I feel lonely for no reason. Parents have advised me to stay away from energy drinks but well yeah, I do sometimes with my dad but try not to drink it as much as possible for the energy is just temporary.


Energizing hobbies.              Anything physically needed is considered YES here. But sometimes with work and school, there’s no more time for exercise and gym. Reason why I gained pounds when I started high school. 😦 Health and fitness are about having fun, not being miserable and tired. If you make it to be sisters.


Sleep well.                                  If it ain’t consistent, then energy levels won’t be too. I’m talking about sleep schedule. Even when it’s Saturday I always sleep early enough for me to get well rested, but nowadays I only require 5 hours since I’m a working girl. Afternoon naps are also something you should avoid as your energy will be wasted when it isn’t supposed to be.



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