How many times have we said ”Wish I had”? Wish you had obeyed your parents’ commands about not drinking or staying up late? Wish you hadn’t said that thing that ticked this person off? Wish you wouldn’t have assumed?

I’ve had many like this, trust me. Now that I’ve matured though I’ve made better choices that I haven’t regretted so far. There’s a new stage now going on: relationships. And I just found out my crush likes me back and I have to stay committed.. YAY! So now what? What should I look after for? (I’m sure you too sisters will pick up advice after reading.)


Fall in love over again.                      You will constantly change. Just like all the seasons never stay the same, all around you will feel a change. But when you get married it isn’t allowed anymore for you have no other choice than HIM. Always fight your feelings and do the right thing even when hard.


See the best in him.                              Focus on what you love. Like my cousin said, ”It’s better to talk about things you like, not things you hate.” That is so true when I’m going through stress. And if you focus on the negative, all you will see is…you got it. Keep focusing on his strength, and then you’ll see what a lucky girl you are NO MATTER WHAT.


Be silly.                                                        Right now OP is sick. 😦 I told him it’s because of studying right now and everything he’s going through is all about school. UGH sometimes I feel he needs a break. Even his mom has told him to laugh and not take school so seriously. Besides, his acads need a break too and he might as well watch a funny movie and look at all the beauty surrounding him.





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