COURTESY is the big word here. And what does it mean? It means treating others equally and the way you want to be treated. Manners show people what you think of them so this issue is very important.

Of course when we were little our parents taught us manners. 2 of them in our local tradition are kissing our elders when I see them/always making ”mano”. Since most people here aren’t Filipino let me give you a little description: putting their hand on your forehead. We believe it shows blessing and grants you more.

On the other hand in your culture it would be great if your parents had taught you to…


Always call before you visit.             Has someone ever dropped by your house without asking? My mom had a guest who did and because of it she was no longer allowed to come to our house. Can you believe SHE was the one who even went to my room to wake me up? And I admit I did it to my bestie but well she’s my bestie so of course she didn’t mind. haha. But in other cases, especially if you’re not close, be on a lookout for they might mind.


Change out of your jammies.              Usually shorts and T-shirt are a good combo but please, Louise, don’t stay in your jammies the whole day. We call it DAY CLOTHES and NIGHT CLOTHES.


”I invite you” means you pay.           If you invite someone like a business partner or client, you pay for their food. However, if it’s in a large group they need to learn to pay their bills. Otherwise if you keep paying they will depend on you and won’t learn how to ”adult”. Sad isn’t it?


The 17 rules of modern etiquette


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