According to something I just read, if you don’t poop in 2 days your stomach will grow bigger. And this doesn’t look pretty good and probably will make people wonder why you got so big in…2 days. WHAT. Hold your horses and don’t get your quick fiber supplement, rather focus on organic. It may not always be good for the body as my dad says. One of my church mates suffered this illness wherein he suddenly wasn’t able to walk and had to be confined to a wheelchair forever. 😥 I can imagine his dad’s pain can’t you?

Anyway, here are the foods I was talking about. Read on sister!


Water.                         Okay fine, it’s a liquid not a food. But anyway it keeps you hydrated and on the go. Dehydration is always a cause of constipation making it hard for you to get rid of the wastes. So sip on and, for garnish, add cucumber slices and lemon!


Almonds.                      They have magnesium–a chemical that pushes your intestines and ”gives them a workout”. Think of it as their coach. lol. They’re the perfect portable snack and can be eaten anywhere. Also try it when baking. A friend did butterscotch with walnuts, but this time I might add almonds. Good idea!


Wheat bran.                   It relieves constipation and improves digestion. Best way to eat is sprinkling it over your milk/oatmeal. (I choose milk personally. Hate oatmeal.) Also like almonds, you can whip up delicious bread/pastries.


running constipated


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