Sometimes you can’t help but judge, especially if the flaw (or not!) you’re judging is visible and intimidating. You may think you need to put on a certain personality to judge people but whether or not you like it, something about you sticks to them. Small things like hand shakes or body language say it all.

For example, I read a picture that said that the first thing people notice about you are your shoes. Introversion/extroversion, humor, and all that. Also if you read magazines and see Cosmo’s Guy Guide you’ll understand more what I’m talking about. Remember too what I said in the previous article? Even though it isn’t always known, you offend people sometimes without knowing. Sorry again, sisters. So be aware of the following behavior.


Nervous habits. (I call it fetish.)                       Touching your nails and biting them are the highest signs of nervousness. Studies show that these are because of a perfectionistic personality, like what I do have. Although my attitude depends on who I am with. Only when I get idle do I start feeling anxious. (It’s more than you think.)


Tardiness.                                                                    Showing up late makes them think you lack respect for people’s time. Conte’s study shows Type B individuals are more likely to be late for they see the world slower than they do. But on the other hand if someone is late with you? Better to ask questions and not assume first. YOU don’t want to judge wrongly.


Eye contact.                                                                    The key to eye contact is balance. Just don’t do it completely (like the whole time!) or it’ll be considered creepy. But also not too little for you’ll look disinterested/embarrassed. Studies show that showing 60% makes you look interested and aware.

Small Things by Bman2011Small-Things-by-Bman2011




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