My OP barely hugs anyone, including his mom. And even when he does, he doesn’t hug strong as for people ”not to feel crushed”. lol. Most of the time, being someone dedicated to school work, he’s happy to be lonely.

I, on the other hand, love it. Just not with people I barely know. Actually just last night I started to hug everyone randomly, first being my acting teacher. ❤ But what if you have no choice, like they hug you and you don’t wanna sound rude? Yes, sisters, here’s your cucumber water aka relief. Here are the appropriate times it is okay to hug people you barely know.


When victory coincides.            Did you just get a new job? Was your cousin just engaged? Yes, go hug as tight as you want! I know you’re happy ❤ L wasn’t there to hug when I got accepted for English teacher but I knew he would next time he saw me. But if they just issue a casual ”hi” or ”hello” keep your arms to yourself.


Seeing a friend you haven’t seen so long.                    Sure. Because of all that time with no contact (physical and emotional) go as long as you want to make up for all that extra miles. Remember this song? ”If I could just see you, if I could just hold you, tonight.” ❤


When mourning.                           Definitely someone needs a cuddle then. I can imagine that it’s the only time L will let us hold each other but God forbid someone kills L’s family!


hugging is awkward


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