Do you see all those #goals posts whether Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? They’re really cute. My #goal, for example, is to have a family like Steph Curry’s: sweet, loving, and God-oriented. They choose to make Jesus the center of their life, which should be the ultimate goal. (On a more serious note, I removed the hashtag.)

Beyond the honeymoon period, our #goals can last if we fulfill and nurture our relationship. Unlike other Hollywood relationships wherein a few days they’re so in love then suddenly…BOOM. Gone. Luckily the boyfriends choose to still be with their girlfriends at times but that’s not how God planned it to be. Uncle Steph, hope you continue to be that way to inspire many more young people like me.

”With great privilege comes great responsibility.” I don’t remember who said that, but yes, if we stay faithful there are many possible things to enjoy.


Being 24/7 present.                 When together, less use of cellphones and more…yes, you found the first word. haha. Presence is the big word: the only place wherein your relationship can stay new and you can be #newlywedsforever. ❤ True happiness is not having what you want, rather wanting what you have.


Respecting his manhood.            Due to popular/controversial opinions, we start to believe that everything is true about judgments on different sexes. But it’s not all the same and they say look first before judging. And with this knowledge we strive to adjust our respective behaviors so that these differences no longer have the power to rob the intimacy and fulfillment from our relationship.


Daily gratitude.                                When you wake up (if you’re not married!) thank God each morning that you have him and what he has done in your life. It’s an effective solution to stress and whining at night as an adult does.




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