How many times have I said, ”Some things are better left unsaid”?

Reason why I keep repeating it is because it is one important factor, especially in relationships as all my posts have said. We of course want to make sure they are fine and not at all offended by everything–even the slightest little thing. I have said stuff to people that I had 0% idea that they would be offended but well they were. Trust me, it sucks but at least I learned an important lesson that day. Thank God I haven’t told L yet so I’m studying this article..

You sisters, can follow up on this. Read on.


”You never do anything! I do all the work”                      Most of the time it’s the dishes/putting away dirty trash. Avoid terms like ”never” or ”always” especially if they are overly sensitive for it can cause a big blown argument. I personally am totally ticked off by one simple word, likewise overly sensitive person. Plus, there’s a good chance your generalization is wrong, said Samantha Rodman, a psychologist in Takoma Park, Maryland.


”Did I gain weight?”                  Urrrgh. According to dating coach Robyn Wahlgast, this question is, ”oldest grenades in the marriage script”. Haha! Hearing this kind of makes me laugh now realizing how old I can act sometimes lol. What we are really calling is that we know we have put on weight and you are forced to accept it. I myself am insecure about my body most of the time and tend to ask guy friends but no more now.


”I hate when this happens.”             This is about what he does, not about how the world acts. Putting your OP down is a big no-no especially in front of friends who know him, not always personally but yeah. What is worse than having people pick on him? You know sweetie not everyone’s as nice as you. So I’m sorry for the times I have back stabbed you to my family, L. 😦 Hope you still love me.




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