What’s in store for us. Well who knows? Can you even guess?

I bet you can’t. And marriage isn’t something you handle like a psychic. Believe it or not, I somewhat have those powers but maybe…not always. Guys don’t always assume: one warning. Friends have been telling me it’s dangerous and will affect your whole life. About marriage, another story: yes, it may be hard but your experiences will make you who you are. Your perspective on life and love will change and in no time you’ll be raising obedient Godly kids instead of bratty whiny ones.

Read up on these pieces of advice and you’ll thank me later sisters.


Fall for who they are.                           When you start dating, of course you only see what’s on the surface and not what’s inside. I never knew my boy had ADHD or liked being lonely until I fully got to know him. On the other hand, he never knew about my mental issues but because of a long time we get to talk about it and I get to confide in him. But during the marriage stage (as I said a million times) it’s different! He will remain who he is and you got to live with it the entire lifetime. And sorry sisters, you can’t change it.


Never be afraid to refuse.                        This is kind of on the serious side, so take note. Why is it? Because this goes when you’re planning your wedding. If you have doubts about ANYTHING–whether it be your dress or how you feel–don’t be afraid to speak up. Maybe it will be a bit embarrassing or painful at times, but can you imagine the pain of divorce? Now that’s the worst pain.


Be with someone who helps you enhance.           If you feel like you need to let go of your hobbies/family just to spend time with him, then dump him. Mine is okay with everything I do and just supports me. Recent was when I got accepted as home based English teacher which I just told him now. ❤ You should be cheerleaders in each other’s life.



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