”I really really really really really really like you, do you want me do you want me too?” -Carly Rae Jepsen


How we wish we can ask our crushes this question, but it’s first important you make a move so you don’t freak him out all of a sudden. As my mother says, ”Don’t shatter the ice.” That just doesn’t apply to friends you know. 😉 Like me you may wonder, ”How? I’m naturally a friendly person!” Well here are some tips without compromising your personality. Oh wait, personality NEVER gets compromised.


Talk to them.                    Why not? If you don’t even utter a simple ”hello” you’ll miss more opportunities to get to know them. Simply show respect by acknowledging they are there.


Laugh when they try to be funny.             Laughter is good for the health (I’ve discussed the benefits in some of my posts). On the outside, it enhances your personality for it puts you up as playful and funny. And he’ll definitely be encouraged to tell more thus creating more memories ❤ Oh new crush tell more.


Invite them out with friends.                        My friends are definitely people who ain’t bossy and just go along with whatever: in other words, fun people. If that’s the case with you, invite him to chill along. (Good luck Sam!) GROUP dates are much fun for they don’t put you on pressure and there are more people to talk to than you. Personally, I hate attention so I’m better off with ALL of you, thank you.


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