Do you remember this quote, ”If a man says you’re ugly, he’s mean. If a woman says you’re ugly, she’s jealous. But if a kid says you’re ugly, you’re dang ugly!” For the women’s part, it’s not always because she’s jealous. Sure there are some women that are plain mean, but if she says it in honest demeanor it’s because she wants you to fix yourself and stop looking like you do. (Untidy, messed up)

About men on the other hand, some are also plain mean but MORE than women. They can be frank creatures that will pick on everything from your shoe size or what. During elementary it can be a joke, but when you get older it’s more serious. I’ve had this guy do so and trust me it stinks. More than us girls they can tell whether you’re groomed or what–sorry ladies harsh truth.

So what should you do to fix it? Here are some tips. But disclaimer: Not EVERY man will like you but surely most will.


Too much glitz.                          If you’re not going to a special occasion or just simply practicing your ‘special’ makeup then it’s best to stick to matte. They adhere better and NO FAIL solutions.


Not caring for your body enough.             Poorly manicured finger/toe nails and a hairy body almost like Chewbaccas are major turn offs. Not even clothes and environments can change the way you look. Damn i need my underarms waxed soon! With the down there is no problem that I do it myself.


Perfume too strong.                                      That’s what my ex crush told me when I asked him the major turn offs for guys. He has allergies so I understand him. One rule: The more expensive the perfume, the less you should use. Maybe all those girls who come from a rich elite school wore that thus turned him off. loljk. Another rule? Only in the neck and behind the ears.



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