I’m happy to say that I no longer feel single, but for my sisters who are then I know EXACTLY how you feel because remember my past posts were all about this? And for those who no longer are we don’t need to be so excited as it can make our single friends feel left out and tired. Sooner or later they will get tired of you and you wouldn’t like that right?

Here are some tips to avoid fights and make your friendship confusing and hard to talk about.


Seating them at a table w/o couples.           I know you mean well and you need privacy/your boyfriends all know each other but sweetie, don’t leave them out and prevent them from meeting cooler and experienced couples. Not cool at all.


Tell their parents and encourage.                  Not at all what you think. Encouraging them to find their daughters a boyfriend screams AWKWARD MOMENT.


Excitedly talking about what you have stalked.          From his #tbt pictures to his current graduation pictures, you excitedly talk about. With my new one I saw some cute pictures from when he was in the incubator with his Dad (and may his soul be in heaven! Ugh here you go.) and his grandpa watching him. Your friends care about your happiness, but talking excitedly will make them jealous especially if EVERYDAY. Reason why my HS batchmates semi-avoided me.


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