Vaginal disorder is totally unpleasant, especially constant wetness and stink. But the worst is when people notice and question it. Sadly many people have this issue due to the lack of PH and washing very well especially when we’re in a hurry to do stuff/run to work.

How can you retain natural PH? Read on.


Baking soda.           Proven by scientists and people around us, it’s the best remedy for removing odor. But it’s impossible! you resist. Just for my vagina? 2 alternative remedies if you hate wasting: mix it in your bath tub or your feminine wash. Latter sounds better.


White vinegar.          It breaks down the proteins that build up causing unpleasant odor. Aside from that adding it to your bathing routine helps clean the genitalia from toxins.


Garlic.                             It has strong anti biotic and antimicrobial properties. Don’t worry this time you don’t need to add it to your bath as it will stink the bathroom up. (EW) Just eat 1-2 garlic cloves daily and see how your life will change. Tip: eat with honey! I don’t know why but I just heard it helps.




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