Lots of new resources appear in this world faster than before–oils of different brands, new medicinal plants, natural health remedies–but unfortunately some are also running out. Today we’re going to focus on one only: time spent with your OP.

Why do dates get cancelled? Well, world moves faster than it used to before and now more people want to focus on work and family time, especially now that we’re adults more of our relatives are getting old thus requiring extra patience and care. But if you truly love the person you’ll set aside extra time. 😉 That’s patience.

Sick and tired of the usual movie and pizza (well, that’s another story) dates? Then try these kinds.


Extreme sports.                      Do you remember the rush of blood through your face everytime you saw him? Adrenaline is the chemical that causes exciting feelings, such as when you ride a roller coaster and see people you have been wanting too. Try paintball, or Cross Fit classes. More of a water junkie? Then wakeboarding or kayaking is perfect! Just don’t go out when it’s extremely hot as you won’t want to get heat stroke.


Beach/island hopping.           Perfect romantic destination, wherein only you two can be alone to explore without knowing anyone (I hope!). Strolling or watching the sunset while holding hands, feet buried in the sand together will forever be in! Google private beaches and choose the best.


Food trippin’! Leggo!            The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For the one who doesn’t know how to cook, it will be a special creativity boost as (maybe?) they will be inspired to make it at home for themselves. A plus is it’s good for your health and saves money.




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