How wonderful does it feel when someone confides in you? Feels amazing. Isn’t it wonderful just to have someone’s trust given to you? Personally I’m a pretty immature person so when someone gives theirs to me it’s already a big thing. And when someone tells you you’re a good listener it’s also very important. They are better leaders and do very well in school/work.

You don’t consider yourself a good one if you refuse to give your FULL attention/focus on background noise/pretend you’re listening but secretly you’re day dreaming. Put yourself in their shoes: if you were speaking and the audience looked however (and put yourself in their shoes again!) how would it feel? Come on, sisters. It’ll all be worth it when they trust and look up to you.

Practice the below and wait for the results! Good luck.


Do not interrupt and wait.                  My mom always tells me off for this, even though I explain I already knew her point. Usually I apologize and tell her to continue. Letting them finish first comes off as proper etiquette. If you butt in, it doesn’t give you the chance to get the point/let the speaker fulfill their goals.


Play the ”silence game”.                     Remember that game in kindergarten? Or maybe you called it The First One To Talk Loses. Don’t be surprised if your speaker decides to ”play” this little game between intervals. Be patient as they may be collecting their thoughts. Go along and play by reflecting too.


Here comes the big word: CONFIDENTIALITY.            They are very secretive and do not just spread information without consent. Don’t be a gossip girl or gossip boy, even if you may look like one outside. loljk




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