Ugh! Extra layer of fat located. ATTENTION. PLEASE VACATE.

I’m just kidding, sisters, but seriously it’s part of this article we’re going to read now. Where is the fat located? You can’t guess. Okay fine, time’s up it’s in the boobs! You know that extra fold on the side that somewhat pops out of your bra. It makes my boobs misshapen and not stand out at all, or maybe in a way I don’t want it to be. Tsk tsk. Life!!!

By doing some simple changes to your health, it can all be changed. After reading this article, you’ll thank me for it. (By the way, I just checked and it’s still in perfect fit.)


Dhanurasana.            Big word! Okay, I’m sorry for startling you sisters. Popularly known as the bow pose, this yoga exercise targets fat on the back. Never did it help that 2 of my friends called me ”Back boobs” but thank God Steven stood up for me and told them to stop tripping. Lol. Simply lie flat on your belly, fold your knees, and hold your ankles. I think tonight since I missed workout yesterday and the week has been full of food, I’ll try when I get home.


Let’s get down to (body) business!                The more active your body, the faster you lose fat. Try some fun activities that you’ll enjoy and will not just tire you. Personally I like swimming and Zumba. The latter is especially good for burning back fat


Aqua loves!                                                               Swimmers usually don’t have a trace of back fat, at least the ones that are very good. Oh how I wish my colds went away so I could be back splashin’ again. Sigh. Luckily I live in a condo that has a pool so I’ll stick to one stroke everyday: breast. And 15 to 20 laps is the max, not 10 only.


get rid of bra bulge


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