All of us have 2 (maybe 3?) sides. Well okay fine 3 sides. What other side am I talking about? The side you keep hidden from your OP.

No matter how comfortable you are in the relationship there are still some things you should conceal. Just last night I had a talk with L and we were honest with each other as we always are. I hope my joke line, ”Let’s talk like psychiatrists!” actually inspired him to become more serious. (He’s the one inspiring me to take life seriously and not a game, to be honest.) As I found out, he apparently feels uncomfortable with me calling him (or my other crush!) a monster and doesn’t get why I like moles.

What other things should I keep from him? You extroverts must be wondering. Weeelll…


Farting.                      You don’t need to fart unless you really can’t hold it. Thank God my last one I clenched my butt properly or else it would have made a sound, but well I was with my friends so I don’t mind. haha! Anyway, it’s best not to risk it as your farts may stink him out. Thankfully, as long as i don’t eat egg or cheese, I’m free to dance! haha


Cooking.                      Exception for me for my course is culinary. But if you don’t, please don’t brag around to him that you do. Yes, even the simplest of meals he shouldn’t know. I don’t know why but he’ll think you’re being silly.


Pooping.                        You can’t show your special relationship with your bathroom best friend, meaning Toilet, when your SO is around. After all you wouldn’t want to stink him out right? Even at home when he’s alone he always keeps the door shut, at least in my case.



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