Girls are the strongest because I believe we go through the most in a battle of genders. One of my current problems are my old, rusty bras with straps that scratch your back. At first I hated it so much and wanted it to die (lol) but yeah I’m good now. It’s just something you get used to as you grow up.

The other thing though, HEAVY periods. They make you want to throw up and feel sick (worse for a person with anxiety, trust me). And, let me say, the meltdown of blood is often public meaning at school or work. Can you relate? I’ve stained chairs and relatives’ beds because of this. One rule at my grandma’s is NO LYING DOWN ON AUNT LOUVE’S BED when you have your period. I tried to sit there and she scolded me telling me there would be what we call tagos in our local language. (Yep, after this you might need Google Translator.)


What other disasters can happen?


Sneaking out a pad from your bag.                  How do you hide it and avoid questions from all the boys? Ugh people. Just run as fast as you can and pretend people didn’t see you.


Feeling like you’re leaking.                                 It’s all over the chair! Really sucks to stain stuff and have people notice thus talk to you about it. Good luck if you’re in the house of the opposite sex and even in their company.


Good morning, pubeweb!                                     Worse knowing that in the middle of a good sleep (studies show sleep is better when you’re on your time) that outside Dream Land something terrible has happened to your body. But not that terrible! It’s just that your pubes have stuck to the side of the pad and yeah no choice but to take a deep breath and 1 2 3….PULL



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