Face it. No matter how much we love being who we want to be and working hard to ensure a good future, sometimes school can get boring. Or when you feel you had too much you hate to go to school. (Kind of reminds me of my character in this entry I published for our school’s annual book.)

But who says it can’t be fun? In my world there’s no such word as TOO MUCH FUN. Try these but do it at your own risk. Last time I did a school toilet prank it wasn’t good and not pretty at all. GAH. And plus is I did it all alone, so bigger shame.


Reward yourself for even doing this thing.               You’re going to do something that will test your strength, and it’s not wrong to get a little reward BEFORE this. Simply a new episode of your favorite TV show (if you have tons of homework!) or baking your favorite treat works.


Kick back if you’re gonna watch a film.                          Who admits this is the best feeling ever? YESS. No homework except for making a film review. (Fellow writers, I know you can relate.) Just sit back and slightly relate yourself to the film, while slightly daydreaming of what to do or eat next.


Have a toilet nap.                                                                     Whenever an orientation begins, sneak out and do the deed. MWAHAHA. Pretend you have an appointment with some teacher and you can really do…in your dreams.





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